Forget Holiday Weight Loss?

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When you think deeper about what you want, it makes it easier to make decisions that lead to peace, instead of regret.


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It’s one of those questions that I was afraid to ask out loud. God loves me the way that I am, right? He doesn’t care what I weigh, does He?


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“If you are asking the question, ‘Should I remove (insert food here) from my life?’, you probably already know the answer.”


What’s easy to do is also easy not to do.


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There will inevitably be a moment when following my plan is nearly impossible. A doctor’s appointment runs late, or a flat tire leaves me stranded for a while, or we decide last minute to go out for lunch after church. In those moments, having a strict “only eat this” kind of plan often leads to the “eh, it’s a treat meal” attitude, which leads to food choices that are far from helpful to my goal.


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