Ready for real, consistent weight loss results,

but don't want to follow another stupid diet?

Christ Over Cookies is a 5 day Bible study challenge that leads you into God’s Word to find powerful Truths to help you stay consistent in your weight loss journey - so you can see real results.

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As we progress through the journey of healthy living, we will encounter numerous lies and excuses that will cause us to stumble.
The Mindset Makeover will help you identify the lies and rewrite them with Truth.
Overcome the lies and excuses with this 21 day devotional!
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Tell me if this sounds familiar:

You do ok ... mostly.

You find a plan, and you do great for a few days, weeks, or months. But then on one particularly bad day, you just can’t say no to that package of cookies. Or ice cream. Or whatever it is that taunts you.

Or maybe you're just ... over it.

You’re doing fine on your healthy plan! You don’t hate it, and you’re seeing results, but you’re just tired of the whole thing. You’re over it, and you’re ready to just not care for a while.

Or perhaps you are back at square one. Again.

You know exactly what to do to lose weight. In fact, you’ve done it before. But you just have zero desire to start over, back at square one. Again.

  • You have no energy.
  • You’re so tired of hurting.
  • You want to play more with the kids, but your body just won’t let you.
  • You know it’s important to have pictures, but you really don’t want to get in front of the camera. Not like this.
  • You even wonder if God cares about your weight. Shouldn’t you be concerned with more, well, holy things?

I know from personal experience

After struggling with my own weight for the first 30 years of my life, I had a come to Jesus moment. I realized that my struggle with my weight – and the way I was trying to manage it – had become the problem. I was trying to “fix” my body without considering the God that had created it! I had to completely change the way I thought about my body, how I cared for it, and how it was actually a reflection of my relationship with my Savior.  

What I learned in this journey has taught me so much about our Heavenly Father, and about what is truly possible for even the women like me who feel completely hopeless in their bodies. After losing 100 pounds, I have committed my life to helping more of God’s women do the same. Let me show you how. 

Would it surprise you to know that this is a very common area of attack from Satan on God’s women?

Let's put an end to that NOW.


Christ Over Cookies

Let me help you apply God’s Word to this area of your life and help you find results!

Imagine ...

Weight loss happens naturally and consistently

You're more consistent in your decisions to take care of your body, leading to more energy to do the things that matter.

You feel like you again.

You even smile for the picture at the family gathering without complaining or worrying about it.

No more emotional eating!

When those bad days strike, you know how to handle it in a healthy way - one that doesn't have anything to do with cookies.

You finally feel joy and peace.

You take joy in taking care of your body. Yup, you might even be turning into one of those crazy people who smiles while she exercises!

So what's included in Christ Over Cookies?

  • Day 1 – we’ll cover what it means to truly steward of our bodies – and why it matters to God that we do. 
  • Day 2 – we’ll talk about why Satan uses this area to attack God’s women, and what we can do about it!
  • Day 3 – we’ll continue the conversation about spiritual battles, but with that One key Truth that always leads to victory
  • Day 4 – we’ll learn how every encounter with Jesus listed in the Bible has one thing in common – and what that means for us.
  • Day 5 – We’ll learn how to shake any shame you may be carrying after years of failed diets so you can walk in freedom as Christ intended!

You’ll receive a video and a worksheet for each day, along with access to a community of supportive, Jesus-following women who know the struggle and want to support you!

– All for just $27!

It's time to do things differently.

Grab the emotional eating scriptures now