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I get it.

You’re tired of yo-yo dieting, trying new things that everyone swears will work, only to find that it’s not sustainable. It just doesn’t fit your life.

Your body aches, your clothes are uncomfortable, and you aren’t able to do as much as you would like because you keep running out of energy. To top it all off, you worry that being concerned about your weight and appearance makes you vain, or somehow selfish.

As a Christian, aren’t you supposed to be concerned with more important things? More … holy things?

Weight loss should never come at the expense of your peace.


What You'll Learn

Does my weight matter to God?

Learn why our physical health matters to the Kingdom of God.

Goal setting from a Biblical perspective.

Before setting goals for your weight loss, we take a look at what the Bible says on the matter – so you can avoid the hamster-wheel of frustration of arbitrary goals!

Choosing a Weight Loss Plan

Learn the basics of Christ-Centered weight loss – nutrition, exercise, habit building, and more!

Managing Temptation

Learn what the Bible says about temptation, including how to prepare for it and how to manage it when it comes.

When Things Go Wrong…

Learn how to respond to unsupportive friends and family, how to handle plateaus/weight gain, and more!

What is Renewal?

Learn what renewal is, how it happens, and how it changes everything.

And With These Special Bonuses

5 Day Reboot Challenge

5 short daily videos and a workbook will help prepare your heart, mind, and body for our Bootcamp!

7 Day Jumpstart Plan

Two options for meal plans to help you see quick results and jumpstart your journey, followed by 6 weeks of healthy meal and fitness plans!

Group Support

Get access to our private Facebook community of Christian women who are living Christ-centered healthy living. 

6 Week Daily Devotional

Daily devotions and reflection questions to help you dig into God’s Word and focus on what matters.

It's time to do things differently.

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