You can break the chains of

emotional eating

Does this sound familiar?

You’re tired of being tired all the time.

You’re tired of yo-yo dieting, trying the new things everyone swears will work, only to find out that it’s not sustainable.

Your body aches, your clothes are uncomforable, and you aren’t able to do as much as you would like to do because you keep running out of energy.

You find yourself drawn to junk food, sweets, or wine on a bad day, helpless to say no.

You feel convicted about your eating habits, but you’re concerned that being concerned about your weight and appearance makes you vain, or somehow selfish. As a Christian, aren’t you supposed to be concerned with more important things? More holy things?

This is not what God had in mind for you

But there is hope!

Even if…

  • You find yourself hiding the evidence of another binge.
  • You try and try, but seem to be unable to say NO to certain foods.
  • You feel ashamed after yet another episode of “falling off the wagon” of healthy eating. Again.
  • You feel convicted about your eating habits, but aren’t real sure what to do about it.

I know it’s hard. I’ve been there. But it’s not hopeless.

Let's do it together.

This is a

spiritual battleground.

But you don't have to

fight alone.

Imagine this...

You know how to say, “No, thanks!” to stress-triggered temptations.

You no longer feel shame around the foods you eat.

You no longer need to hide the evidence of a bad day!

Your weight loss results are no longer up and down – because you are more consistent, so are your results!

You are at peace.

Let's dig into God's Word and do this together.


End Emotional Eating

Biblical, God-honoring Truth and support to help you break the cycle of emotional eating once and for all!

Hey, I'm Cat!

And I'm a recovered

emotional eater.

I’ve been on every diet plan you can think of, but none of them fixed my need for lots and lots of junk when I had a stressful day. I would lose 5, 10, or 20 pounds, then a hard day at work or a fight with someone I love would throw me into a tailspin, and I would turn to sugar and junk food for comfort.

I would often eat full 9×13 pans of brownies – after a dinner of large amounts of pizza. I would cry and ask God for something truly to be wrong with me so I had an excuse to eat this way. I wanted there to be a physical reason for my compulsion to eat after a bad day.

In one particularly painful “come to Jesus” moment, cried out to God. “What is wrong with me?! How did I get here?! Help me!”

And He did. When I turned to my Creator for answers, I not only broke free from emotional eating, but lost over 100 pounds in the process.

Let me show you what I learned so you can break the cycle!

Through this interactive Bible study, you'll learn

what the Bible says about emotional eating, and gain practical strategies to end it

for Good!

What's included?

What is emotional eating, and why is it dangerous for God’s women?

Bible study and reflection questions to get clear on your triggers and where to begin changing them.

Learn four simple, but highly effective strategies to stop emotional eating TODAY!

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Are you feeling convicted about your eating habits? This Bible study is for you!
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Do you struggle to stay motivated? Learn all about motivation through the lens of Scripture and how it applies to healthy living.
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What our clients are saying

I've learned how to manage my temptation in a Biblical way, and find a plan that actually works for me. And I'm down to my lowest weight in nearly a decade!
Cat is the real deal. She loves Jesus and loves others deeply. She will not shame you, but she will not let you live in your excuses either. She's a diligent steward of the Word, and she has an amazing ability to apply the wisdom of the Bible to everyday tasks like eating and exercising. If you're ready for soul-deep change, Cat's a conduit for exactly that.
If you want strong Biblical coaching, Cat is for you. She is strong in her faith, and speaks truth in a loving manner, while holding you accountable to your commitment.
During those 6 weeks I gained a better way of looking at scripture and how it really related to me. Not just my weight issues but me as me. ... I am forever grateful.
Not only does she understand the struggle and is Biblically rooted, she is warm, supportive and met me where I was at the time. ... Cat is grounded in Christianity, and always puts Christ front and center when you meet with her. It is unlike any other health/weight loss program out there. It works!
I no longer let the ups and downs of any journey worth taking control how I feel about myself. So here’s a shout out to Cat Sharp for all she’s done for me. “I thank my God every time I remember you.”
If you are looking for a Christian centered, life changes, weight loss based on Biblical principles coach, Cat Sharp is your lady.
This is amazing! I know different things work for different people, but this works for me. I just feel so much relief! I’m not counting or measuring anything and I’m not hungry all the time. No grazing, no mindless eating. I know it won’t be this easy all the time, we have to always be mindful, but just thank you!
My energy has improved. I used to feel all run down when I arrived home from work, but now I have energy to do my workout and play with the kids.

Self Control is a

Fruit of the Holy Spirit.

Human willpower is weak and limited. Which means until you start fighting this battle God’s way, you’ll never get control over emotional eating.

End Emotional Eating - God's Way.

Get the interactive Bible study and toolkit for just $47 NOW!

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