Forget Holiday Weight Loss?

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By Cat Sharp

Should I Forget About Weight Loss Over the Holidays?

This is a hard time of year for weight loss!

This question comes up a lot: should I forget about my weight loss plan over Christmas?

Sometimes it sounds like this:

“I just want to enjoy the holiday without counting calories. I’ll start again in January.”

“I don’t want to be deprived over Christmas.”

“I don’t have time to focus on weight loss right now!”

So let’s talk about it!

“When you think deeper about what you want, it makes it easier to make decisions that lead to peace, instead of regret.”

I can’t tell you what is best for you, because everyone is different. Your body and your mind are yours, and your plan should be just as individual as you are. So instead of telling you what to do, I’m going to give you some thoughts to consider as you make your decision.

So- How Do We Decide?

First, what do you really want this Christmas?

For most of us, when we really dig into the heart of what we want to experience for the holiday, it has to do with memories. Surrounding ourselves with people we love and enjoying each other’s company. We want to revisit old memories (why else do we carry out lifelong traditions?) and create new ones. We want to feel love and give love.

If you truly want to see weight loss over the Christmas holiday season, and you keep that to the front of your mind, then you will make decisions that lead to weight loss, and you won’t feel deprived – because you’re weighing out what you really want and what you don’t.

When you think deeper about what you want, it makes it easier to make decisions that lead to peace, instead of regret.

Secondly, what is the real tradition?

Sometimes food is an important part of your tradition, and that’s totally okay! But think deeper. Why is that the tradition?

My daughters and I used to decorate sugar cookies every year. When I gave up sugar, I had to evaluate that tradition. We decided that it was more about the time together, and we painted ornaments and made snowflake crafts instead. We had a great time, and the girls didn’t miss the cookies! Let’s be honest, there are plenty of opportunities to eat sweets, so we didn’t have to make more!

How will you feel?

Christmas is a busy time, so it stands to reason that we need to be mindful of our energy! Be mindful of how certain foods or habits make you feel. I find it vitally important to stick to my exercise routine over Christmas because it helps me maintain my energy in the frenzy. Without my daily workout, I just want to sleep!!!

I’ve also noticed that too much sugar makes my sleep restless. So I know that if I want to sleep tonight, I need to keep an eye on how much sugar I eat!

Also keep an eye on how certain behaviors make you feel emotionally. If you’re going to beat yourself up for eating something, it’s not worth it. Fighting negative emotions is exhausting, and especially after a long day of a family gathering! If it’s going to rob you of peace, leave it on the plate. Peace tastes better than any dessert.

I want to share a story of how I recently used these questions at a family gathering.

I love my aunt’s fudge and divinity. I always think of her when I see or think about either of those foods. She doesn’t even eat them, but she always makes them. Because it’s tradition. And because it’s tradition, I only eat them once a year – at Christmas.

Now, I really do love fudge and divinity. Seriously, they’re just pure sugar, and they taste so good! But I know that I don’t feel well when I eat a lot of it. For years I avoided them because I was afraid I would eat the whole plate (because I have done that!) But something changes when I ask myself why this candy is important to me. The candy isn’t the memory or tradition I cherish. My aunt, and how she loves us so much that she would work so hard in the kitchen to make our favorite candy, is the memory I cherish. I cherish the love that she has given me and the rest of her family over the years.

So instead of standing over the fudge and divinity, chatting with cousins and eating until it’s gone, I had a piece of fudge and 2 small pieces of divinity, then I went and sat next to my aunt and visited. Before I left, I wrapped up a piece of each candy to eat later.

I ended the day without feeling deprived or hating myself for overdoing it, and with a heart full of love after visiting and appreciating my family.

I think that’s the whole point of tradition, don’t you?

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