How to Choose a Weight Loss Plan That Works

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By Cat Sharp

How to Choose a Weight Loss Plan That Works

If you live on the same planet I do, then you probably see a zillion ads and social media posts about the perfect weight loss solution. It can be hard to be confident about the choices you’ve made to be healthy when faced with all these claims that you’re missing out on something vital.

One of the most common complaints I hear from women who want to lose weight while honoring God in their bodies is that it’s hard to filter through the noise and discover what is truly healthy and what is not.

So let’s clear the air, shall we?

“Why would we want to change anything with our physical body without consulting its Creator?”

Before we begin, it’s important that you understand that no internet or social media personality should be a replacement for advice from a doctor or medical professional who knows you and knows your body. Period. Yes, that includes me. Never begin any weight loss plan or adapt a restrictive way of eating without talking to your doctor first.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let’s get started!

How Do I Choose the Right Weight Loss or Healthy Living Plan?

Determine what you really want.
Determine what you really want. Are you wanting to lose weight, gain more energy, generally be healthy, or all of the above? These things matter. If you want a healthy, sustainable weight loss solution, then you won’t be looking for highly restrictive plans that offer immediate results. These “immediate” results are rarely long-lasting. I personally prefer plans that are geared toward more general health, with energy and weight loss being a natural result. I also believe that this is the heart of our Heavenly Father – that we seek to steward the health of our body over its appearance. But we’ll get to that 😀

Determine what season you’re in.

Determine what season you’re in. That may sound a bit silly, but seriously. If you are currently in a season of 6 different kids with 6 different extracurricular activities and you have just started back to college for your masters degree and your spouse is working on the road, you might not want to choose a plan that requires a ton of prep and planning and 2 hour workouts daily. Just sayin. I see so many women choose a plan that doesn’t fit their lifestyle, and then beat themselves up for not being able to stick with it. “I’m just not able to stick to a plan!” they say. FALSE. They just chose the wrong plan for that season of life.

It’s a myth that you’ll always be able to do the same plan forever and always. There are times in life where you need very rigid boundaries, and other times in life where you just need guardrails to keep you on the road. It’s up to you to determine where you are in life, and what kind of boundaries you need in order to see progress.

Have you asked God for guidance on this?

Many women mistakenly think that God doesn’t care about our physical bodies. Oh, how that breaks my heart! We learn a lot about the heart of God through His Word, and by the Law that He gave to the Israelites in the Old Testament. God’s Law included rules about eating, rest, work, and cleanliness that we now know kept His people healthy in a time of history where these things were completely unheard of by most societies. And let’s be completely honest – why would we want to change anything with our physical body without consulting its Creator?

Okay, Cat, I’ve prayed for guidance, but how do I know what God is telling me?

Ooh, I love that question!

I can’t tell you every single way that God may answer you, but I can share my personal experience.

Every single time I have asked God for guidance, His answer has come to me in one of three ways:

  • While I was reading my Bible.
  • While I was praying.
  • While I was silent, just focusing on Him, which I do for a few moments after my morning prayer time.

Now, I fully believe that God sends guidance through His people as well. Many times I have had conversations with Jesus-loving friends that led to a revelation. But those revelations were always confirmed in my prayer or Bible time.

So if you have been asking God for guidance, start paying attention during your Bible and prayer time. Prayer isn’t just for us to talk to Him, but to communicate with Him.

And if you’re just wishing for guidance, but not praying for it, then, girl, that’s step one.